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Dance Recital - May 19, 2013



2013 Company Dancers: Show Opener


Anna, Jessie & Kailey



Kailey & Annie 



Christine & Katie



Ella & Christine 



"Here Comes the Sun"


Studio Testimonials:


"Christine -- What a wonderful dance recital!! We were so delighted with all of the talented dancers, it was beyond

our expectations - thank you!"


"Christine, You and your "team" put on another amazing show today.  My family is always impressed at how quickly

the dancers transition from one dance to the next! Thank you!!"  


"We went to the 4:30 show on Sunday and it was absolutely beautiful.  You do such great work every year with the

decorations and the girls are all such elegant dancers due to you and your other teachers.  Very high quility,

Christine.  Thank you again for everything!"


"Hi Christine,   Oh my gosh- I have not gotten time to personally thank you for the ultimate recital of

a lifetime.  Your amazing recital blew me out of the water, and I am mesmerized by the amazing



"Christine -- GREAT job today! The show was AMAZING! Can't wait for next year!"


" Hi Christine, I want to thank you for a great dance recital!  This was my daughters first year and I

was so impressed with your professionalism and organization.  It went so well and the girls all had a

lot of fun!"


"Hi Christine -- Just wanted to tell you, your recital was AWESOME, not only did everyone do just

wonderful but it looked wonderful too :) "


" Christine~I just wanted to say "Great Job"! Everything was amazing!!"


" Hi---   WOW!  What a great show!  My daughter had such a fun time all year long and all of us and

our friends and family enjoyed the show. She cannot wait to come back next year."


Thank you for all the great feedback...I couldn't ask for more!!

Love,  Christine




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Christine's How To: Stretching
Stretching is an important practice that cannot be overlooked in dance. Learn how to warm up your muscles properly and avoid injury!

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