Is your dancer ready to take their dance education to the next level? If so, we would love to have them join our Company (Competition) program! We pride ourselves on the success and overall progress our students obtain from this outstanding program. With that, our expectations are naturally higher for our Company students and it does require more commitment from both parent and dancer. We encourage and help teach our Company students to have a high work ethic along with many other valuable life skills in a rewarding, energizing, and positive environment!


What are the Company class requirements?

The Company summer program for 2020 will be drastically shortened due to Covid. However, we will still hold six conditioning workouts and three technique+choreography sessions in August. (No ballet or tap, as Cathy will not be available to teach in August) Your audition deposit of $100, due at the time of application submission, will be used towards the total amount of these classes.


Class requirements for our main season (September-May) will be one Small Group class (80 minutes) and one Company Ballet class (75 minutes) each week. These two classes will be exclusively with the students you were placed with during auditions. Outside of these two required classes, dancers are encouraged to "add-on" other classes such as: Company (competition) Tap, Company (competition) Large Group, or any of our recreational classes! At least one "add-on" class is highly recommended for all veteran Company dancers. Rookie Company dancers are welcome to choose an "add-on" class, but it is definitely not required.


Small Group: this class will meet once a week for 80 minutes. It will consist of technique training, strength training, and one routine for competition. The routine style will be decided by the instructor.


Company Ballet: this class is the foundation of success for our Company program! It will meet once a week for 75 minutes and is designed for strengthening purposes only. No routine or costume purchase will be associated with this class.


How much does our Company program cost?

Please contact the studio for this information:


When are the competitions?

The dancers will attend 3 competitions in the spring of 2021. These competitions are all driving distance (Minneapolis, Duluth, etc) and are on a weekend. A schedule with the specific weekends will be handed out in October 2020! We typically do one weekend in March and two weekends in April.


Final Company program thoughts and perks!

Our Company program has a track record of being so successful because of the excellent training, excellent students in each class, and a wide range of opportunities and experiences! With competitions and recitals, each Company student will perform a minimum of NINE times in one season. (this is including the performance of our Show Opener that is exclusive to our Company members) That amount of performance experience alone provides them with skills that will last a lifetime!  We are sure proud of what we have to offer and hope you decide to join our Company program! Last season, with Covid putting a dent in our typical competition experience, we are more excited than ever to make 2021 THE BEST YET!



  • How To Join

    If your dancer is interested, auditions will take place at the studio on August 4-6, 2020. All levels of dance skill are welcome! (Note: These auditions are simply to find the correct line or class placement for your dancer, we are not interested in "cutting" students!)

     - Tuesday, August 4 (4:00-6:00pm): Learning day! Dancers will learn a small piece of choreography along with some basic technique that will be asked of them during the group audition on Wednesday. On Tuesday, each dancer will be assigned into an audition group (3-4 dancers) and given their specific audition time.

     - Wednesday, August 5 (starting @ 3:30pm): Audition day! Each group will audition for the judges and it will take approximately 10-15 minutes. Specific audition times will be assigned on Tuesday.

     - Thursday, August 6 (starting @ 3:30pm): Meeting day! On Thursday, each dancer will be given a 5-minute individual results meeting with Christine, Cathy, and Maren. The agenda will be a quick conversation about line placement and schedules for August and fall.

  • Requirements for Joining Company

      1. Must be at least 6 years of age.

      2. Must have at least 3 years of studio dance training. (Preferably 1-2 years at CDC)

      3. Must participate in our Company auditions: August 4-6, 2020.

      4. Audition deposit of $100 will be due at the time of application. (this deposit will go towards your August summer classes) An invoice will be emailed within 48 hours after you submit your application.

      5. Must complete our Company Audition Application. Here's the link: Deadline: Wed, July 1, 2020